OVERLOAD! How Much Can One Vehicle Take? You’d Be Surprised…

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Bollywood fans must remember the scene of Shah Rukh Khan dancing enthusiastically atop the train to the tune of Chaiyya Chaiyya, and a group of people chilling with him. Here we have a compilation of other overloaded vehicles — some are weird, some are funny but most of them make us grateful that we live in Malaysia.

1. Heavy-duty Lorry, Sahara

You can hardly tell flesh from things. Imagine being in the heat of the Sahara and there is no other mode of transport except this—for human, animals and belongings alike. Think your life is tough?

2. Train in Bangladesh

Ever had to wait for the train and complained about it being crowded with people commuting to work, going back to their hometown and such? That’s nothing compared to the number of passengers on a train in Bangladesh. The picture above looks like a scene from a zombie movie. Not enough seats? Not to worry. You can climb onto the top of the carriage for the “open air” experience.

3. Wheat Lorry, Pakistan

It’s common for the denizens of Pakistan to see a lorry transporting more wheat than it weighs. The roads there must be straight for how this can manoeuvre bends is beyond us. Our traffic police or transport authorities would never allow this. But over there, passersby would all chip in to help right an overturned lorry…what matters most is that the wheat reaches its destination safely.

4. Coconut Shell Tut Tut, India

The method of transporting coconut shells in India is quite extraordinary. A single three-wheeled tut tut can carry thiiis much. As difficult as it looks to transport it, the process of tying each shell securely must be harder. Wonder what’s cooking with that many coconuts…


5. Water Bicycle in Shanghai, China

This scene above is a norm in Shanghai, China. Workers would arrange all sorts of things on just one bicycle. Imagine having to carry the weight of that much water on two wheels…as the agents of Coway and Cuckoo (water purifier suppliers) would say: Why so much trouble? Just press a button for clean water.

6. Duck Motorcycle, Vietnam

Quack quack! It’s quite a common sight in Vietnam to see farmers bringing ducks to the market like this. Look how he ferries the birds with style. Livestock transport on two-wheels extends to chickens and cows and more.

Animal lovers would be appalled, that’s for sure.

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