10 Car-Related Instagram Accounts You Must Follow—Part 1

Instagram is now the way to get news and updates about anything, cars included. Here are 10 of our favourite car accounts that we subscribe to for our daily dose of car pics, videos and stories.

1. Petrolicious – for quality content & coverage


This is one of the best accounts hands down in terms of quality content and coverage. It serves up beautiful photography and videos of high production value, featuring iconic cars, modern machines and the people who drive them.


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2.  Petersen Automotive Museum – for rare vehicles

This museum houses over 250 of the rarest vehicles in history. If you cannot get yourself to Los Angeles where the physical museum is, its Instagram account brings each of them to you and then some.








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3. Car Throttle – for the occasional meme, car fact and funny clip


It’s no wonder that this is an incredibly popular account with over 1.5 million subscribers as it serves up a bit of everything, for everyone—even if you are not a petrolhead.


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4. Jay Leno’s Garage – a car show of sorts, with a great host

Jay Leno is a legendary host and comedian, and an overall great personality to follow on Instagram. He is also well-known for being a genuine car enthusiast with one of the most enviable car collections in the world. His Instagram (and Youtube) account shows some of the cars from his collection as well as other iconic vehicles that he gets to test drive.








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5. Coolnvintage – for beautifully restored Land Rovers


The team at Coolnvintage clearly has a passion for Land Rovers, specifically old ones, and painstakingly restores several of them a year. The vintage vehicles are picture-postcard (especially in the more recent pictures) and their entire IG account evokes memories of road trips and summer days.


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