The Top 10 Best-Selling Cars and Car Makes in Malaysia As of June 2024 Is Revealed

Best-Selling Cars and Car Makes in Malaysia
Best-Selling Cars and Car Makes in Malaysia
You’ll never guess who’s on the top 10 car makes in Malaysia

We did a list of best-selling cars and car makes in Malaysia in 2023 and now the latest registration data is out and as of 30 June 2024, here are the best-selling cars in Malaysia.

The top spot is retained by the true King of the road and besides that, the list hasn’t changed all that much.

#Car modelTotal cars registered
1Perodua Bezza47,100
2Perodua Axia42,922
3Perodua Myvi34,688
4Proton Saga34,035
5Perodua Alza20,476
6Perodua Ativa17,741
7Honda City 12,815
8Toyota Vios12,513
9Toyota Hilux11,540
10Honda HR-V10,803

For easy reference, here’s the best-selling cars in Malaysia in 2023

Best-Selling Cars and Car Makes in Malaysia

You’ll find that Perodua still leads by a great margin while Proton trails behind. Interestingly, the Proton X50 is nowhere on the top 10 list as of June this year while the Toyota Vios ranks higher this year and the Honda HR-V cracks the top 10.

Even more interesting is the car make figures for 2024:

Best-Selling Cars and Car Makes in Malaysia
BYD first launched in Malaysia at the tail end of 2022 and by 2024, they’ve cracked the top 10 of total cars registered in Malaysia.

Chery has also joined the list and as a result, Nissan and Isuzu have exited the top 10 best-selling car makes in Malaysia.

Well, with Chery’s string of bad press lately, we’ll be interested to see where they stand by the end of 2024.

The appearance of BYD on the top 10 is a significant milestone for the EV maker as they’re the first brand to be able to penetrate the market so aggressively and in such a short time.

We’ll be sure to follow this story closely as the second half of the year rolls around and we update the Best-Selling Cars and Car Makes in Malaysia.

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