Biggest Boost in the Littlest Bottle: This Octane Booster Proven Better Than The Rest

Us wee folks in the Southeast Asian region have not been shielded from the relentless surge in global fuel prices and drivers of cars that require high octane fuels especially have, despite their deeper pockets, been feeling the pain at the pump. If you have been impacted by the sky-high prices of high-octane fuel and have been considering the use of additives aka an octane booster, you’re on the right track. But not all octane boosters are created equal.

Our sponsor X-1R wanted to know how their product compared to others in the market and so got the prestigious, independent laboratory Intertek-Caleb Brett in Singapore to test 11 octane boosters available to consumers across Southeast Asia. (Read the original press release at

In the first test, Intertek added 60ml of each product to 1 litre of Petronas Primax 95, and tested it using the ASTM D2699 protocol. The results were remarkably distinct. The X-1R Octane Booster was able to deliver twice the amount of boost as the other products.

But more importantly, how did the Octane Boosters perform in real-world applications? In a second test, Intertek diluted the products according to the manufacturer’s recommended treat rate. For this test, Shell 95 RON was used. Once again, X-1R Octane Booster came out on top as shown in these numbers:

Product Treat Rate Boost
X1R Octane Booster  60ml to 75 litres 98.4
GAT Oktanbooster 300ml to 60litres 97.0
Hardex 188ml to 50 litres 97.2
Voltronic G30 300ml to 45 litres 97.5
STP Jet Fuel 155ml to 94 litres 96.4
Wynns  325ml to 70 litres 96.9
Bluchem 250ml to 60 litres 96.0
Petronas Durance 250ml to 50 litres 96.4
Total 250ml to 50 litres 96.2
Abro 354ml to 80 litres 96.0
Johnsens 355ml to 80 litres 95.5
  • Test Fuel: Shell 95, which tested at 95.8 RON
  • Protocol: ASTM D2699
  • Laboratory: Intertek -Caleb Brett, Singapore


This little 60ml bottle of X-1R Octane Booster can boost a tankful of fuel by about 3 octane numbers, and that’s plenty enough. But that’s not all. Not only is the X-1R Octane Booster the most efficacious of them all, it also costs the least at RM23 per dose, which means you can save almost 50% on high-octane fuel.

And if you are lucky, you might get it at a promo price (which is available at the time of writing and from time to time) and save even more.


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