Save Almost 50% On High Octane Fuel! Here’s How…

If you are residing in Malaysia and drive a luxury car, then you might be feeling a bit of pinch with the soaring prices of RON97 fuel. While the rest who are still enjoying subsidised RON95 fuel might not sympathise with the M40 and T20 (middle- and top- income households), a recent article by Free Malaysia Today reported that RON97 users had decreased by 30%, according to petrol station owners.

The same article wrote of owners of BMW and Mercedes cars who admitted that they had begun pumping RON95 fuel, which is still heavily subsidized by the government, despite potentially causing damage to their cars, and one owner had switched to a Perodua car altogether.

Even if you can still afford to pay for the right grade fuel for your car, why pay more when you can get more RON numbers for less? Yes, you can get RON98 in your fuel tank and still shave off almost 50% of the cost of buying RON97. The solution is literally a solution—an Octane Booster in a bottle offered by our sponsor X-1R. X-1R is a leading global brand of automotive additives which also supplies lubricant to NASA, and if it’s good enough for the US national space agency, it’s more than good enough for us.

As you might have deduced from the product name, the Octane Booster increases the Octane Number of the fuel—by three whole numbers at least. Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you, for not all Octane Boosters are created equal.  In a test by independent lab, Camin Cargo Control, several brands of Octane Boosters were bought off the retail shelf and tested. X-1R’s Octane Booster outperformed the rest by increasing RON91 fuel by 10 Octane Numbers and RON97 fuel by 9 Octane Numbers. Impressive! Other brands did not do so well or anything at all, but we will not name names (but you can click here to view the test results).

In yet another test by independent laboratory, Intertek, researchers found that adding the X-1R Octane Booster to RON94.9 fuel increased the Octane Rating by 3.5 numbers.



You need only add one 60ml bottle of X-1R Octane Booster (NP: RM18) to a full tank of (up to 75 litres) RON95 fuel. So, how did this writer arrive at the “almost 50% savings”? She did the Math.


  • Fuel tank capacity = 55L
  • Frequency of filling the tank = 8 times/month
  • Price of RON97= RM4.70
  • Price of RON95 = RM2.05
  • Cost of X-1R Octane Booster = RM18 


The Math:

  • Cost of refuelling with RON97 each month= 55L x 8 times x RM4.70 = RM2,068
  • Cost of using refuelling with RON95 + X-1R Octane Booster to achieve RON98 = (55L x 8 times x RM 2.05) + 8 (RM18) =RM1,046
  • Savings = RM2068-RM1046 = RM 1,022 (or RM1022/2068 x 100% = 49.4%)


So, if you are driving a car that requires RON97 or above, stock up on the X-1R Octane Booster. Who knows when the price of RON97 will fall again to pre-spike levels and even if it does, you still get more bang for your buck by getting RON98 (at least) in your tank for less.



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