Porsche is Selling a Really Expensive…Gaming Chair

While not exactly known for having the most cushy seats, Porsche has entered into a surprise collaboration with RECARO, the maker of gaming seats, to produce a very expensive gaming chair. The RECARO x Porsche Gaming Seat Limited Edition (let’s just call it The Chair) was launched during the Virtual 24h of Le Mans where the new generation of Porsche 911 GT3 R was also shown.

The made-in-Germany Chair supposedly combines comfort and style so you can game or work for long hours while having “firm lumbar support”.  The infinitely adjustable backrest, 5D armrests on aluminum support and seat with stepless height adjustment allow for numerous positions to achieve maximum comfort for the individual. The seat is secured onto a base made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, which can support a weight capacity of 150 kilogrammes.

Essentially, The Chair is a limited edition version of the Recaro Exo Platinum, which sells for about US$1350 only. But with Porsche’s crest embroidered on the headrest and gray, black and red upholstery inspired by the 911, the price of The Chair is inflated to US$2,499. The entire Porsche eSports team will, naturally, have their bottoms cushioned by one.

There will only be 911 units of the Chair made, which is of course a reference to the 911 model and clearly a marketing ploy. Porsche promises the “ultimate gaming experience while offering comfort and back health”, which sounds like something that a gaming chiropractor came up with.

For the price, though, buyers would have to be an avid fan of Porsche and gaming. If you are that person, you can get your hands on this very expensive gaming chair at Porsche Design Stores, authorised dealerships and Porsche’s online stores. Deliveries will begin on 15 March 2023.

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