WATCH: Hyundai’s e-Corner System Parks Car at 90° Angle and Turn 180°

Hyundai Mobis introduced their e-Corner system during the CES in Las Vegas earlier this year and a demo IONIC 5 car equipped with the system has now hit public roads.

In a video published by the company, the demo car showed off its “crab walk” capabilities by turning the wheels 90° and sliding into a tight parking spot. The vehicle was also able to turn the front wheels outwards and rear wheels outwards and rotate the vehicle 180°  in what the company is calling the Zero Turn move. With this, 3-point turns could be a thing of the past. Heck, parallel parking? What’s that?

The demo car also demonstrated Diagonal Driving, during which all 4 wheels turned in a diagonal direction for a more direct movement when overtaking.

Hyundai Mobis is an automotive parts provider that focuses on future mobility tech. In this writer’s opinion, this tech should have become ubiquitous in production cars since yesterday so every automaker should give them a call.

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