Ford To Reprise the Iconic 70s Capri, the Car You Always Promised Yourself

A car from Automologist MAC’s childhood is back…in an electric version. 

Reports circulating in Europe suggest that Ford has already made the decision to revive the Capri nameplate next year (2024). Unlike its rather loved namesake from yesteryear, this new incarnation will not be the fire-breathing gas guzzler of yore but a 300hp EV Crossover with a respectable 0-100kph of 6.2 seconds. The new beastie will feature some of the classic car’s styling such as the four-headlight arrangement, but will be kitted out with all of the most recent tech.

It doesn’t much look like the original to me.

How it all started.

According to Ford, the relaunch is an attempt to go electric and follows on the heels of another of Ford’s legendary names, the Mustang Mach-E, which has established a fan base in Europe. Next up, will they be launching an EV version of the legendary Transit Van? You bet they are planning it.

Back in the day, the Capri was marketed as the working man’s Porsche or the car you always promised yourself. So, when you learn that the drivetrain is essentially the VW ID.5 and the new Ford EV factory is no longer in Halewood, Mersey Side (where the Capri used to be made) but in Germany, perhaps we can expect to get a little bit of Porsche technology.

The original Capri was launched in 1969 and sold for a modest GBP890, which is about GBP14,000 in today’s money. The new Capri will be a lot more, about GBP40,000 in fact, but for that, you will get a 300hp monster, which is a lot more than the rather wheezy 57hp in the original version. Designed as a ‘sort of’ Mustang after Ford US decided that the Mustang sold over the pond in Americaland was not suitable for Europe, it was originally named the Ford Colt. Ford had to drop the name because Mitsubishi always owned the rights to that name, hence it became the Capri.

Where it ended up.

From the start, it was a runaway success, with 400,000 sold in the first two years of production. From 1970 to 1971, 25% of all Fords sold in Europe were Capris! By the time production came to an end in 1986, almost 1.9 million had been sold. Growing up, my neighbour had one of the MK1 versions. It was cool. We all wanted to ride in it even if the backseats were cramped and uncomfortable.

Harry Styles has one.

The British still have a love affair with the Capri, with certain MK1 models and late V8 commanding cult status. There are a number of them in celebrity hands as well, with Jamie Oliver featuring his ‘Bad Boy’ on a recent TV show and, of course, Harry Styles has one to prove that the car can go at least in One Direction.

Jamie with his Ford Colt, sorry, Capri.

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