Urus Performante Essenza SCV12 by Lamborghini. But Only For Those Who Already Owns the Track Car!

Automologist MAC thinks just one more thing would make it perfect…

Well, hello to the Lamborghini Urus Essenza SCV12 Special Edition and yes, this is exactly what it says it is on the label. A standard Urus Performante spec’d out to match the somewhat extreme and definitely very bonkers Lambo’ Essenza SCV12 track car, which first saw the light of day back in 2020.

On most levels, I absolutely love the whole concept of driving to the track in a car that can be described as an homage to the track car itself. Pop the hood of the Essenza and you will get smacked in the face by the 830 horsepower V12 fire-breathing dragon. Unfortunately, under the bonnet of the Urus Performante Special Edition, you will find the same 4-litre V8 as in the standard edition. But don’t be deterred, the Performante Essenza does develop 657 horses and develop 627-foot pounds of torque spinning up all four wheels using the clever Audi Quattro system, which can get you to 100kph in 3.3 seconds. So, it is no slouch.

Lamborghini is only going to build 40 of these but all of them are almost infinitely customisable and will only be on sale to those who have purchased the SCV12 Track car. So, all the paint jobs are personalised and apparently, you will be encouraged to ‘Ad Personam’ yours to resemble your track car. According to the Lambo website, there will be plenty of exposed carbon fibre, 23-inch wheels, black interior and about four cows of black Alcantara leather inside (okay, I made cows bit up). If that is not enough, the inside will feature two special plaques: the first celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Lambo, the second will have the owner’s name on it. And, of course, the Performante will have the Essenze SCV12 logo on the dashboard, apparently to remind you of the car that you would rather be in.

But, I am disappointed. Lambo has always been about being more than a little bonkers—stark-raving mad would better describe them. They have a history of building raving looney rides. So, Lambo, if you are only gonna build 40 or these beasties, why not go the full hog and stick the same V12 from the Essenza under the bonnet. Dare I say before the sensible Germans over at Audi and the VW Group got involved, this is probably what would have happened.

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