The New BMW Chameleon. Car Changes Colour At The Touch of a Button

Would Automologist MAC want a colour-changing car? Read on. 

So here is something from the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) currently on in Las Vegas, US of A, that took me slightly by surprise – an electric-powered BMW that quite literally changed the colour of its paint job with the touch of just one button.

The online community has become quite excited about a video first posted on Reddit that shows a brand-new BMW cruising around a parking lot when, out of the blue, it changes colour with the exterior going from an ivory white to mid-grey all over in an instant – well, all over, except for the charging port which stayed the same colour.

Another video I came across showed the same vehicle oscillating between white and dark grey and then with swirls of grey moving across its bodywork. Of course, BMW did hint that there was something coming back in December when they issued the statement: “The first-ever demonstration of a technology that changes the exterior colour of a vehicle with the touch of a button”. However, nothing in the statement prepared us for how it would work nor the speed of the transformation.

There is no indication of how the technology works. Some netizens are talking about a temperature-sensitive coating, but as of now, BMW remains tight-lipped. Also, if you want to see it, you will have to wait as a resurgence of Covid and an “abundance of caution” meant that all planned media activity at the CES has been cancelled and will now take place online hosted from Germany.

So, is this technology for the sake of technology? Maybe. But it is usual to have items launched at CES that are designed to turn heads and create headlines and perhaps this chameleon BMW is simply that. You need to ask the question “who would want this tech?” other than robbery getaway drivers or millennials who cannot make up their minds. Or me. I would want this BMW Chameleon and I am sure my wife would, and I am a boomer.

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