AIG Singapore Won’t Insure McLarens Driven To Malaysia

McLarens Driven To Malaysia
McLarens Driven To Malaysia

McLarens driven to Malaysia by Singaporeans will no longer be covered by AIG insurers in Singapore according to The Straits Times.

The decision comes after 3 McLarens were involved in a crash in Johor in October 2023. There were casualties, nor injuries in that incident.

For reference a McLaren in Singapore will cost you a cool SGD1.5 million at least and the price to insure it is not cheap.

In AIG’s defence, singling out a particular brand is not an uncommon practise depending on the price.

Mr Chong Kah Wei, managing director for McLaren at multi-brand dealership Eurokars, said the Straits Times, “This is a hard call by AIG. They are doing this for their own interest. But we have other insurance partners like Liberty.”

Marcus Luah, who was among the trio involved in the Johor crash, said: “I don’t understand why McLaren is being singled out. There have been many past crashes in Malaysia involving other brands. So I’m a bit puzzled.”

Luah, 32, a property agent, said AIG has quoted him a premium that is “five times” that of his current one for policy renewal. “Obviously I am not going to go back to them. I can understand if it is two times, but five times!”

Does this mean we have seen the end of McLarens driven to Malaysia from across the causeway? Well, we wouldn’t put it passed the boys down south.

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