Ferrari 296 GTS Makes its Southeast Asian Debut

Naza Italia, the official distributor of Ferrari cars in Malaysia, has just launched the Ferrari 296 GTS in its Southeast Asian debut at Sepang International Circuit, just three months after its world premiere.


Like its sibling, the 296 GTB, the GTS is powered by an electrified 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged 120° V6 engine that makes 663 PS, while the electric motor delivers 167 PS. In total, the hybrid powertrain has an output of 830 PS/740 Nm at 6250rpm which sends power to the rear wheels via an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, the same used by the SF90 Stradale, SF90 Spider, Roma and Portofino.

Despite weighing 70kg more than the GTB, the century sprint is done in the same time of 2.9 seconds. Maximum speed is also the same at 330kp/h.

You get four drive modes :

  • eDrive: the internal combustion engine is off and there is pure electric drive to the rear wheels; with a fully charged battery, the car can cover 25 km at a maximum speed of 135 km/h;
  • Hybrid (H): this is the default mode on ignition. The power flows are managed for maximum efficiency and the control logic defines the intervention of the internal combustion engine. With the engine on, the car develops its maximum power and performance;
  • Performance: the ICE is always on and helps maintain the battery efficiency to ensure full power at all times. This is the ideal setting for press-on driving;
  • Qualify: provides maximum performance but at the cost of lower battery recharging.

“The convertible version of Ferrari’s first 6-cylinder road-going car takes driving thrills to new heights. Subtly restyled to accommodate the open top, the Ferrari 296 GTS adds a sense of freedom to the fun of every journey. At the wheel of the 296 GTS, you get to enjoy the result of Ferrari’s exploration into electric technology and also have the ability to make the most of the weather and your mood, maximising driving pleasure,” said Damien Woo, General Manager, Ferrari Malaysia, Naza Italia Sdn Bhd.

Damien Woo, General Manager, Ferrari Malaysia, Naza Italia Sdn Bhd & Dieter Knechtel, President of Ferrari Far East & Middle East.

Sound-wise, the V6 engine rewrites the rulebook by harmoniously combining two characteristics that are normally diametrically opposed: the force of the turbos and the harmony of the high-frequency notes of a naturally-aspirated V12. Even at low revs, inside the cabin, the soundtrack features the pure V12 orders of harmonics which then, at higher revs, guarantee that typical high-frequency treble. This Ferrari soundtrack matches its performance, creating a sense of unprecedented involvement even with the top down, and marking the turning of a new page in Maranello’s berlinetta history.

The cockpit is driver-centric and has a minimalistic approach. The seats are Exclusive Italian Leather, created using contrasting grooves which coordinate aesthetically with the edge strip of the instrument cluster.

The price? RM1,448,000 (before duties, customisation options, taxes and insurance) with a 7-year maintenance programme.

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