X-1R Octane Booster Proves Itself In Australia

Recently, we heard from a company called Burg Design, who is one of our friends from Australia where the motoring public is starting to discover just how good the X-1R Octane Booster is.

The company behind the product will tell you that the product will offer you some great cost-savings as the potent and concentrated formulation will allow the motorist to run a lower and cheaper octane fuel, yet still achieve the performance of a high-octane fuel. For instance, pumping a 91 or 95 and still performing at the 98 RON level, and all whilst noticeably improving fuel economy.

The product simply known as X-1R Octane Booster was extensively tested against all of the readily available competitor products and now the company believes that it has been proven the Best Octane Booster in the World! It is not just an Octane Booster, though. The product contains MMT, Nitromethane and Powr-XTM (a proprietary RON Booster) which will increase the RON of any petrol it is added to by 30 points or more. The product also contains synthetic detergency to ensure carbs and injectors stay clean and can be used as a lead substitute should you remember what lead used to be used for in your engine.

The performance of the product is that good a new convert to the product wrote to us to tell us of his experience on a recent road trip;

“My wife and I recently travelled from Melbourne to
Perth via Darwin driving 2008 NS Pajero 3.8ltr petrol,
towing a 2010 Coromal pop top Caravan,”
explains X-1R customer, Peter Morgan.

“Before we left, I spoke to Ray Graham of Burg
Design. He told me the benefits of his products and
asked me to evaluate the X-1R Octane Booster. I
am a retired Motor Mechanic and have seen similar
products come and go for years, so to say I was
sceptical was an understatement, but I did agree to
test the product for him.

“We left Melbourne and travelled to Mildura. I
normally average around 20 to 24 litres per 100
kms and on reaching the park I checked the fuel
usage and found I had averaged 21L/100kms. On
filling the tank, I again added another bottle of the
Octane Booster (the third such bottle).

“After reaching Peterborough I filled again and
found the usage was down to 19L/100kms. I added
another bottle and we continued. After we arrived
in Alice Springs our consumption the fuel usage
averaged out at 17L/100kms.

“I then found I had no additive left so we continued
on and while the first tank after Alice Springs
averaged 19L/100kms, the rest of the trip averaged
between 20 and 23L/100kms.

“Our trip lasted for four months, and we covered
around 17,000kms. I believe that had we used the
X-1R Octane Booster for the whole trip, we would
have saved around 10-15 percent of our fuel cost.
I now get my X-1R Octane Booster by the carton of
24 bottles, so we never run out.”

X-1R Octane Booster is available on-line from the company’s website at https://www.x1rasia.com/product/octane-booster-plus-3/ or of course if you are in Australia, you can contact Burg design on 0395559277 or sales@burgdesign.com.au

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