Parent Lets Kid Paint on Porsche Sparking Online Debate

Many parents would chide their child for leaving even a smudge on their everyday Toyota or Volkswagen car, so it’s not surprising that a mother from China has divided the Internet by encouraging her 2-year-old daughter to paint on the family’s Porsche.

A video of the little girl nonchalantly painting animals, fruits and scribbles, and stamping patterns on the white luxury vehicle in the car park of their residence, while unaware (or unconcerned) of the car’s value, have drawn flak from other parents and car enthusiasts.

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The mother, Mao, who lives in Wuhan, said she wanted to add variety to her daughter’s drawing activity and therefore encouraged her to unleash her creativity on the family’s car using removable paint. Netizens are largely divided into those who think that it’s “their car, their business”, those who praise the mum for encouraging her progeny’s creativity and those who think this will encourage young people to vandalise other people’s cars. Mao said that she had told her daughter to not draw on cars without adult permission (good luck with that).

Mother and daughter later washed the paint off the car, but certainly some damage must have been done.

Yet, if you are one of those who disapproves of their treatment of the Porsche, there are a number of wealthy car owners who intentionally do worse to their cars. Case in point, this Malaysian millionaire who stuck his toy car collection all over his Jaguar S-Type.

Good lord.

Which side of the debate are you on?

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