Tesla Owner Tests Car’s Self-Driving Safety On Own Children, Shares Video On Youtube

Is this all for 15 minutes of fame?

Amidst criticisms towards Tesla’s autonomous driving safety features, one owner (and it should be mentioned, investor) took it upon himself to prove that they work.

In a video published on Youtube on 14 August, somewhere in San Francisco Bay Area, Tad Park drove a Model 3 towards his daughter standing in the middle of the street. He was going at about 8 miles per hour while hovering his foot over the brake pedal and his hands close to the steering wheel. Then, his five-year-old son walks across the street, in front of the car. The brakes automatically engages and the car slows down to a stop.

Even though the test was a “success”, proving that the car was able to recognise pedestrians of small stature who were walking or standing still, Park has drew criticism for using his own children in place of mannequins that would have been used in such safety tests.


Park told CNBC, in his defence, that he had taken “extensive safety precautions so that kids were never in danger” and had first tried it on a on a mannequin, a tall basketball player, then only his children. He emphasised that the car was going very slowly and he was prepared to take over at any time.

It also should be mentioned that Park is the CEO of Volt Equity and portfolio manager of VCAR, an ETF that focuses on autonomous driving. He also said, “I have experienced the product myself, and believe in my investments.”

The Washington Post reported in June this year that Tesla vehicles were responsible for almost 70% of accidents involving driver-assistance systems as well as most of serious injuries and fatalities. Even Tesla has repeatedly said that the Autopilot feature does not make the vehicle autonomous (at least, not yet) and that active driver supervision is required.

This photo provided by the Laguna Beach Police Department shows a Tesla sedan, left, in autopilot mode that crashed into a parked police cruiser Tuesday, May 29, 2018, in Laguna Beach, Calif. Police Sgt. Jim Cota says the officer was not in the cruiser at the time of the crash and that the Tesla driver suffered minor injuries. (Laguna Beach Police Department via AP)
Image: finance.yahoo.com

Even as eccentric as Elon Musk is, we don’t think he would have asked “Abraham” to sacrifice his child to prove his faith. Youtube has since removed the video, citing that they do not allow content showing minors participating in dangerous activities.

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