Six Tips For Storing Your Car During The Quarantine Period

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If you live where the Covid-19 outbreak is bad, and that is most countries by now, you are probably self-quarantining for at least 14 days, which is how long it takes to develop symptoms if you are infected. Here in Malaysia, we are five days into a 14-day Movement Control Order with, if the situation does not improve, the possibility that it might be extended. With all that extra time on our hands and our cars stuck in P, now is the time to prepare it for longer storage or, if this ends soon, to . Here are six simple things to do to keep your car in tip-top shape (any additional tool required can be found online) and ready to hit the road zooming when all this is over:

1. Top up the Fuel Tank

Filling up the tank will prevent condensation from occurring inside and the seals from drying out. We would also add an additive like the X-1R Petrol or Diesel System Treatment which can remove moisture and reduce deposits in the tank and fuel lines.

2. Change the Engine Oil

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You don’t have to do this if the car is not in use for only a week or two. But if this goes on for more than a month (let’s hope not!), you might want to bring forward the oil change because contaminants in used oil could damage the engine. Consider using an Engine Flush that can more effectively dissolve and remove harmful deposits.

3. Maintaining the Battery

Depending on the age of your car battery and how power-hungry your vehicle is (ie. chock full of gadgets and electronics like many new models nowadays), its juice will eventually be depleted because it cannot be recharged regularly, which it usually does whilst the car is being driven.

You could remove the entire battery but, in case of an emergency, be sure that you can pop it back in quickly and correctly. Or, you could also get a battery tender or trickle charger to keep the battery in full health and ready to go.

Image source: Lazada. A battery tender that costs only RM60.

4. Over-Inflate Your Tyres, SLIGHTLY

When your tyres remain stationary, the rubber might become compressed in the same area and develop a flat spot. Add a pound or two more pressure than usual to help prevent this. If you are parked on concrete and for longer periods, you could place a thin piece of wood under each tyre for a mild cushioning effect and to prevent the rubber from hardening at the spot where it meets the concrete.

5. Clean Your Car Inside and Out

Give your car a good wash to remove bird droppings, mud or rain that could damage the paint when left on for a long time; then, for extra protection, give it a layer of wax. Clean and vacuum the inside as well so that cockroaches and other critters won’t have a party inside your car while you are “away”. Use some baking soda, charcoal or commercial dehumidifier to eliminate mould, moisture and bad smells that could build up inside of your car.

6. Keep Your Car Covered

After giving your car a wash and/or wax, you’d want to keep clean whilst in storage. A car cover made from nylon with a PU coating (think umbrella) can protect your car from the rain, sun and, even if you have the car stored in a closed garage, dust.

Image source: Lazada. A bodysuit for your car…for under RM50.
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