Tips on Storing Your Bike Until You Can Ride Again

Keeping your pride and joy fresh.

The current Movement Control Order (MCO) has stopped us from riding. But letting your bike sit idle isn’t the best thing do. Certain steps must be taken to ensure that your bike is in tip-top condition after the quarantine period is over.

1. Top off the tank

Go fill up the fuel tank. Leaving room in there will cause vapour lock as the fuel evaporates.

2. Mix in fuel system cleaner

Evaporated fuel leaves behind a varnish that coats the fuel system, including the hoses and injectors. Blocked components will then cause your engine performance to suffer. Pour in some X-1R Fuel System Cleaner.

3. Inflate the tyres

Leaving the tyres underinflated will cause flat spots. You can fill them up a little more than standard. Just remember to reinflate to the correct pressures when we are allowed to ride again.

4. Put in new oil

Yes, workshops are closed but an oil change can be done at home. The new oil’s properties will ensure that your engine internals remain fresh. Better yet, mix the oil with the X-1R Engine Treatment. The ingredients will coat the internal surfaces of the engine to keep rust and sludge away.

5. Take care of the battery

Best to plug in a battery trickle charger. You can also detach its terminals to avoid vampiric loss. But beware that unplugging the battery may wipe out some saved memory in the instrument cluster, such as the distance travelled on the tripmeter.

6. Start the engine

After you’ve filled the tank, mixed in fuel system cleaner and changed the oil, might as well start the bike to get them circulating. Just let it idle for 10 minutes until the fan comes on as that will circulate the coolant and oil properly. The battery should charge a little. You can do it every 2 days or so.

7. Wash the bike

Wash the bike thoroughly, including the chain (and re-lube). At least you can spot potential problems early. Wax the bodywork and coat unpainted plastic parts with protectant.

8. Lube the cables/moving parts

Keep the cables and moving parts lubed so that rust and dust do not accumulate.

9. Park in a good spot

Find a spot out of the sun and rain. This is self-explanatory.

10. Cover up

Best to cover the bike and keep dust off. You can remove the cover to inspect when you start the engine.

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