RIP, Ken Block. Famed Youtuber and Rally Driver Dies in Snowmobile Accident

Another motorsport legend has fallen victim to the perils of ice and snow. Ken Block, who was a competitive rally driver and later shot to fame for his daring Youtube videos, has died in a snowmobile accident.

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55-year-old Block was riding the vehicle up a steep slope when it upended and landed on top of him. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Block had been riding with a group but was alone when the accident occurred.

Block started rallying in 2005 and in his first season was named Rally America’s Rookie of the Year. He won five rallycross medals at the X Games and in 2010, became the first American to drive in the World Rally Championship.

But perhaps he is most well-known for the “Gymkhana” video series on Youtube, which has in total garnered over 550 million views at the time of writing. Block started the stunt-driving series simply to hone his rally driving skills and perhaps didn’t expect to achieve the level of stardom that he eventually did from it.

The most memorable video has to be the “Gymkhana Five” shot in 2012 in the city of San Francisco. Large sections of the city had to be closed off for filming, which is a feat in itself. The video opens with Block sprinting across the Bay Bridge and then navigating the hilly and twisty streets to give us an edge-of-your-seat show.

Block may be gone, but his videos will forever live on:

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