Japan To Allow Electric Scooter Riding Without License

Starting July 2023, Japan will allow the use of electric scooters without a driver’s license, although for users aged 16 and above only.

The battery-powered two-wheeled scooter has been gaining popularity in metropolitan areas around the world, including in Japan, as a last mile solution—to get from the train station to the office quickly and without sweating through your work clothes, for instance.

However, scooter-related road rule violations, “drink riding”, accidents and even fatalities have risen proportionately. But rather than banning them, Japan recognises the value that this new mode of transport can bring to personal mobility and the everyday convenience it offers to the daily commuter. Legalising and implementing certain rules may just be the better way forward. The Japanese government amended the road traffic law in April last year to incorporate e-scooters into their traffic regulations.

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Under the new rule, electric scooters must be no more than 190 centimetres in length and 60 centimetres in width, and fitted with green lights at the front and back. There is a maximum speed limit of 20kph and riders must comply with the same rules that apply to bicycle riders. While they are generally not allowed to be ridden on sidewalks, exception is made if they are set to a maximum speed of 6kph and with the green lights flashing.

Riders may choose to wear helmets, although it is not compulsory, but advisable.

Scooter riders who do not comply with the rules will receive traffic summons and any e-scooters that do not fall within the specs will be considered mopeds, thus requiring a license and helmet to be ridden.

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