Isuzu Light Commercial Vehicles Can Go 1,675KM On A Full Tank of Gas

And probably more with X-1R products, says Automologist HAROLD. 

Image source: Inquirer Mobility

Have we finally adjusted to, or should I say forcibly accepted, the crazy oil price hikes that blindsided us this year? The oil price hikes and subsequent price increase of basic commodities is a pain to our wallets. And, every time we see our vehicle’s fuel gauge running low, the pain is aggravated!

By now, you must be desperately seeking for ways to make the most out of every drop of your fuel. Well, either change your driving habits or reduce the frequency of your trips or (if you can afford) change the vehicle you are driving or better yet, use engine performance products, like X-1R’s, that can reduce fuel consumption.

In search for the most fuel-efficient light commercial vehicle (including pick-up trucks and SUVs), Isuzu Philippines (PH) came up with a 5-day “Isuzu Challenge” for their vehicles to prove that their LCVs is your best option! They claim that their diesel-powered vehicles are remarkably engineered to be ultra-efficient in harnessing converting fuel into power.

Isuzu PH had their flag-off ceremony at Isuzu Subic. Two teams drove north from Isuzu Subic, heading to Isabela then Cagayan against strong winds and rains brought there by Typhoon Florita. They were accompanied by official verifiers from the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP).

They then went all the way south, from Nueva Vizcaya, passing through the congested National Capital Region, then through Laguna and Quezon provinces. Surprisingly, the teams made their way to the final stretch in Bicol.

The Isuzu D-Max 3.0L 4×2 LS-A AT went 1,564 km and averaged 20.58km for every liter of fuel. Meanwhile their Isuzu mu-X 3.0L 4×2 LS-A AT achieved 1,675 km and that is an average fuel consumption of 20.94km per liter!

The remarkable numbers were achieved thanks to the teams’ efficient driving and the 4JJ3-TCX engine, which is coupled with an intelligent 6-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift, providing drivers more control over gear changes, thus optimizing performance and fuel efficiency.

Having a 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating also helped the team immensely in driving the D-Max and mu-X more confidently during the more challenging and unpredictable portions of the journey.

In a statement, IPC vice president for sales Yasuhiko Oyama said: “More than highlighting Isuzu’s superiority when it comes to diesel engine technology, we would like to provide a solution for our customers, especially in the face of increasing fuel prices. Excellent fuel economy is just one of the many Isuzu advantages they can enjoy while driving these models.”

X-1R Philippines (seller of the NASA Hall of Fame awardees X-1R Engine Treatment, X-1R Petrol and Diesel Decarbonisers, X-1R Transmission Treatments and X-1R Engine Flush) congratulates Isuzu PH for this great achievement. Studies and researches conducted by reputable institutions have proven that X-1R can further improve engine’s operational and fuel efficiency, so if the teams had used them, could have covered a greater distance.

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