Here’s The Solution to High Fuel Prices!

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Motorists all over the world have been feeling the pinch of high fuel prices. In Malaysia, the cost of RON97 and 100 have almost doubled in the past year whilst the subsidised RON95 has remained unchanged. So many people have been tempted to pump the petrol with lower octane rating into their cars, sometimes with disastrous effects.

Manufacturers specify what fuel grade you use for your car for good reason. The design of the car, everything from bore stroke to compression, is designed to work with a known quality of fuel. Sure, your car will run on off-spec fuel but you may well notice that the engine is less responsive and definitely noisier, and it will actually burn more fuel than normal. What you will not see in the short-term is the damage that is occurring deep down in your engine as the ECU adjusts your engine to try and cope with the pre-ignition that will occur.


For years, the X1R Corporation has been at the forefront of Octane Boosting technology. Their Octane Boosters always beat the opposition in any test that is carried out. Luckily for us, X-1R markets their 60ml Octane Booster throughout Southeast Asia via stockists and online. This product is proven to deliver a three number boost to the fuel in your tank. So, if you add 60ml of the X-1R Octane Booster to your tank, you will in effect be running with RON97. Assuming you have a 65-litre tank in Malaysia, that is a saving of RM130 per tank before you deduct the RM18 for the cost of the product—not too shabby at all.


The real use for octane boosters is to get more bang for your buck. With higher octane fuel, the engine can retard the spark so that maximum compression is achieved prior to fuel ignition. What this means in layman’s term is that as the explosion happens in a smaller space than normal, you get a more violent response, also known as more power. As all cars are different, and the fuel that goes into them varies, the X-1R product gives a range of savings from 4% to 10% or more in a lot of cases, and every little bit helps, right?


X-1R is keen to point out that there are a lot of video clips produced by netizens extolling the improvements experienced with Octane Boosting products; the following clip is a recent example of one. If you want to get an Octane Booster to test it out, you can visit the X-1R online portal and who knows, there may just be a special offer waiting for you there.


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