Get RON98 fuel For About RM2.50 Per Litre. Here’s How…

In Malaysia, drivers of cars that need RON97 or higher have been suffering of late with the sudden and rather unwelcome price increase of their petrol of choice. RON95 is subsidised and so still costs RM2.05 per litre, but if you drive a car that needs a better octane rating, the price per litre has soared to RM4.70 per litre.

But now there is a way to get RON98 into your tank for just RM2.50 a litre and it is all with a little bit of help from our old friends over at X-1R. For years the X-1R Corporation has been the leader in the development of a range of lubrication and fuel improvement technologies. When it comes to Octane Boosting, the X-1R Corp is quite simply the best.

In Malaysia, the company markets an American-manufactured Octane Booster in a 60ml package. When added to any fuel, the octane of the fuel will be boosted by three numbers—so, RON95 becomes RON98. Don’t believe us, well, take a look at the tests results below from world-renown Intertek Laboratories.

The cost of the Octane Booster is RM18 (but check out the promo below for a great offer), so when you add it to a 40 litre tank, the cost per litre would be just 45 cents; add that to the cost of a litre of RON95, which is RM2.05, that gives you RON98 for just RM2.50. Now, that is COOL!


Currently, it is a little difficult to find the Octane Booster in Malaysia with just a few retail chains stocking it. However, you will be able to find it from the official X1R website. Don’t delay because as more Malaysians find out about this, they will be wiping it off the virtual shelves.


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