Apple’s Search for Car Part Suppliers Sparks “All-Out War” in South Korea

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As Apple inches closer to releasing their electric car, the tech giant is looking to secure suppliers of auto electronic components. According to a report by South Korea’s ETNews, Apple reps visited the country last December to meet with potential suppliers, sparking an “all-out war” amongst them. Some suppliers apparently have gone as far as forming task forces to liaise with Apple to eventually seal the deal.

Meanwhile, it appears that the maker of Macbooks and iPhones are serious about partnering with suppliers from South Korea. No surprise there as relations between the US and China remain tense. Earlier last year, Apple reps had already visited South Korea to meet with LG and SK to discuss battery production.

According to the same report by ETNews, Apple had already offered equity investment to one of the Korean suppliers in return for double the company’s production capacity. Whether that proposal has been accepted has not been revealed.

In fact, a lot of the details, if not most of them, surrounding the meetings and discussions remain hush-hush. Even the potential suppliers have not been privy to the vehicle specifications and they have been careful to not reveal what little they know for fear of being dropped out of consideration.

The suppliers for the Apple car supply chain are expected to be confirmed by the end of the year and production will follow in two or three years.

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