X-1R Decarbonisers Officially Launched in the Philippines

Toyota Makati and Toyota Bicutan’s Executive Vice President, Lee Junia (3rd from left), winner of a 60-inch TV.

In a strategic gathering held at Marco Polo Hotel last November 19, attended by around 70 decision makers—owners, aftersales directors and senior service managers—from automotive dealerships across the country, the X-1R PETROL DECARBONISER and X-1R DIESEL DECARBONISER were officially launched. Aside from fun and camaraderie during the event, three 60 inch-TV sets were raffled off as grand prizes.

Owners of Auto Dealerships in a huddle to discuss how to maximise the X-1R Decarbonisers’ potential.

It was the first major inter-brand automotive gathering in the Philippine since the Covid pandemic halted the industry. Over 100 auto dealerships were shut down between 2020 to 2021 as a result of this wicked flu. But every auto brand, every dealership, every decision-maker in attendance asserted that they will recover and business will be back to pre-Covid levels by next year, 2023.

Leaders of automotive brands, auto dealers and the media in agreement to promote the X-1R Decarbonisers.

It is in this context that the X-1R DECARBONISERS would be the strategic solution in providing incremental revenues for auto dealerships. The products are superior to all their competitors because they are the only decarbonisers that do not require a machine or gadget to be applied to the engine. All you do is pour a bottle of the solution into the fuel tank and it performs unparalleled cleaning and lubricating of the whole fuel line, from the fuel tank, to the injectors and throughout the combustion chamber, leaving the entire vehicle fuel system as good as new.

X-1R Officers and staff with representatives from the Philippine’s largest network of 100 dealerships.

These are 5-in-1 solutions—a decarboniser, an injector cleaner, a throttle body deposits cleaner, a moisture remover and an octane/cetane improver—all in one bottle! And, it is the only one with Space Technology Certification and a NASA Hall of Fame award. Every brand owner and auto dealers who attended the event will carry the X-1R Petrol and Diesel Decarbonisers for their customers’ benefit.

X-1R staff and clients enjoying the event.

If you want X-1R products delivered to your doorstep or want to enquire further, please call or text +63 956 809 5284, chat at www.facebook.com/X1R Philippines or visit x1rasia.com.

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