Race Car Made of Ice Left to Melt To Make a Point About Climate Change

An actual-size Envision Virgin Racing Formula E race car sculpted from ice was left to melt at Tower Bridge in London, UK to make a point about global warming.

The event called “Melting Point” is organised by the racing team’s partner, Genpact, a professional services firm that assists with digital transformation. They invited the public to compete with their data scientists in predicting the rate of the sculpture’s ice melt in a 24-hour window as it is displayed unprotected from the city’s weather conditions.

For every public entry, the organiser will donate US$1 to the Arctic Ice Project, which aims to restore the Arctic ice by collaborating with top laboratories and universities in the world.

The UK Met Office had issued an extreme heat warning this week, and at the end of the 24 hours, there was little left of the three-ton ice replica and it bears little resemblance to a car:


The entire event is certified carbon neutral and even the melted ice water is being collected to water the public gardens.

“Melting Point” is held ahead of the FIA Formula E race in London this weekend and the 2021 United National Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in October.

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