Honda Brio Club Philippines Meet at Honda SPA Tandang Sora

It’s raining hard and Honda Brio cars are here at Honda Tandang Sora Service Center!

Honda SPA Tandang Sora Service Team with Service Manager Abet Bernardo.
Honda Brio Club Philippines Officers with Leo Menguito, X-1R Accounts Manager.

Despite the gloomy weather, a line of shining Honda Brios from the Honda Brio Club of the Philippines drove up to the Honda Service Parts and Accessories Tandang Sora to participate in “Honda Fellowship”. During the event, participants engaged in discussions on how the car dealership’s service center is overcoming the challenges caused by the ongoing pandemic and what collaborative marketing initiatives can be initiated. This was facilitated by the Service Manager himself, Mr Abet Bernardo.

“In Honda SPA, we value transparency. The moment you bring your car here for a service, you can see the open service area where our technicians do their job and you can directly monitor the whole process from diagnostics, the opening up of your vehicle to closing it,” said SM Abet.

The event included a program and dialogue on best practices for Honda Brio maintenance, followed by a lunch sponsored by CreativeSparx, Inc. CreativeSprarx is the exclusive distributor in the Philippines of X-1R products, which are NASA Space Technology Certified and a Hall of Fame Awardee, offered in almost all Honda dealers nationwide.

“We have to make constant tactical adjustments to survive two years of being inflicted with this Wuhan Flu. The automotive industry continues to collaborate with clients and car clubs, initiate and innovate programs and institute efforts to adapt to the new normal”, SM Abet concluded.

“As an integral part of the business of our automotive partners, we at X-1R Philippines guarantee our clients the best value for their money, provide them with quality, innovative and superb products second to none,” veteran X-1R account manager Leo Menguito asserted.

“With events and gatherings now starting to be active again, X-1R Philippines is excited to resume its catalytic role in bringing together all the service personnel of all automotive brands and dealerships in one big national event,” X-1R Marketing Head, Kathleen De Guzman happily announced.

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