This Malaysian Millionaire did WHAT to his Jaguar?

A Malaysian millionaire stuck more than 4,600 Hot Wheels toy cars onto his luxury car, drawing the attention of onlookers wherever he drives and leaving car lovers like us wondering WHY?

The 34-year-old Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman, apparently once the youngest millionaire in Malaysia when he was in his early twenties, said that he amassed the toy car collection since he was a child. Rather than having his toy cars scattered inside the home, Mahadi decided to put them all in one place, ie. on the entire surface of his Jaguar S-Type.

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In speaking to Harian Metro, the flamboyant personality said, “In everything that I do, I want to be different. If it’s something that others don’t do, that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

After enquiring at several car workshops, his fifth stop found a proprietor who was willing to help him glue the toys onto his Jaguar with glass glue. The entire task took three weeks and cost 20,000 Ringgit (approx. 4,600 US Dollars).

The Jaguar was the first car that Mahadi ever owned and thus has sentimental value attached to it. If you are curious about this mad or mod millionaire, however you see it, we did some digging and found that he is a self made man who apparently made his moolah through financial and personal wealth consultancy – think Robert Kiyosaki, but flashier and Malaysian.

In another interview some years back, Mahadi related how he was unemployed after graduation, and was riding his kapcai (underbone motorbike) one day when he stopped at a junction along Jalan Tun Ismail; looking around him, he found that he was surrounded by luxury cars and thought that he too deserved to ride in one. Fast forward to later, he bought his first car, which is the car that is today covered in thousands of miniature cars. From a kapcai to a Jag, that’s quite a leap upwards.

We cannot confirm the veracity of his achievements (in other words, if you are inspired by this man and want to engage his services, please do your own research because we are NOT advocating any financial service, his or otherwise). We only say that we think he is a little bit wacky for doing this to his car, especially a Jag. But then again, not the worst car mod we’ve ever seen….

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