Isuzu Retains Top Spot In Malaysia

Isuzu Malaysia, for the fourth year running, has retained its stranglehold on the commercial vehicle market in 2017. Although there was a slight decline in Total Industry Volume (TIV), the company managed to improve its commercial vehicle market share to 37.1% from 36.3% in 2016.

“Being number one for the fourth consecutive year verifies the excellent quality of our products, in addition to first-rate services offered at our Sales and Service centres located nationwide. The ability to maintain this ranking also proves Isuzu’s reliability in providing time-saving and cost-efficient logistics to suit any business needs,” said  Koji Nakamura, CEO of Isuzu Malaysia.

From left: Isuzu Malaysia’s Chief Operating Officer (Commercial Vehicle Division) Mikio Tsukui and Chief Executive Officer, Koji Nakamura.  

According to the Malaysian Automotive Association’s overall sales figures, Isuzu’s ELF Light Duty trucks lead sales figures with 5,237 units sold.

Isuzu Malaysia also captured an additional 13% share in the pick-up segment and, on top of that, increased its sales of after-sales parts by 20%.

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