A Car Thief’s Favourite: Keyless Entry

As with any technology, there are bound to be people who use it for evil. Crooks are always finding ways to get the better of technological systems that are meant to make our lives much more convenient…and safe. Vehicles are saturated with technology nowadays, the keyless entry being one of them. But it is akin to a thief finding the key to your home, right on the doorstep.

Vehicles are being stolen in minutes, and an increasing number in seconds! In a report by The Star, for RM150, thieves can purchase a frequency-hacking device online or at electronic stores, which can be used to unlock a car and start its engine by hacking its radio frequency identification (RFID) information. Car thieves are ‘recruiting’ hackers to install the required software onto their laptops and teach them how to operate the device. (How smart!)

Back in November last year, we showed you a video of how these tech-savvy thieves steal so-called “high-security” cars, and it is, for lack of a better word, impressive:

A worrying update from Munich-based Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC)—which has 19 million members, making it the largest auto club in Europe—said that 110 models from 27 different manufacturers were at risk of being stolen, because of the keyless system they use. And to make matters worse, the ADAC findings concluded: “To date, car manufacturers have yet to find a foolproof solution to beat these car thieves.”

You could revert to steering or gear locks, and install GPS tracking devices to deter thieves. But it seems like there is no foolproof method, however high-tech or low-tech it is.

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