VIDEO: The Loneliest Porsche 911. But It Lives in Paradise

Norfolk Island, located 1,400 kilometres east of Australia, is home to one of the most isolated communities on earth. So, when you find a Porsche 911 Targa on this island paradise, with just 90 miles of road in total, you know you’ve found a gem. It’s the only one in this part of the world.

The bright red 964 model belongs to Duncan Sanderson, a jewellery shop owner, who takes his iconic machine on some picturesque roads where cows have the right of way. Yes, cows!

“Each morning I’d drive down and park the Porsche in front of the shop. The amount of people who came in to ask whether it was my Porsche – I think it brought us more business than any other marketing ploy I could have thought of,” Sanderson said.


To understand why Sanderson would want to drive a Porsche in a place where the speed limit is a mere 50km/h, watch the vid:

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