Things to do while Stuck in Traffic

Most of us have experienced standstill traffic and seen the things people do to de-stress. Here are some that Automologist SU may or may have not done while trying to get out of the traffic rut.

The eye contact

The other people on the road are, after all, the reason you are in this mess, so you need to express to them exactly how you feel.


Sing along with your fave song/artist, sing out loud, windows up or down. Who knows, someone might discover your hidden talent and help you launch a new career. Plus, it’s therapy 101!!

Clench your cheeks

Ladies, I’m sure some of you may have done this and what I meant here is the cheeks found in the lower region of your body i.e. your gluteus maximus (thank you, Big Bang Theory). What you do is clench those cheeks of yours slowly while seated until you feel your body rise about an inch or so, hold for five seconds and release. Repeat as many times as you like. A zero cost method of working that ass (I see you baby).

Bitchy Day

Definitely a no no, but you will surely reach for your phone to check messages, call your bff’s to bitch about the traffic, tweet your whereabouts and bitch about the traffic, and check-in into Facebook and yet again bitch about the horrendous traffic.

Your very own happily ever after

You realised that you’re stuck next to a yummy looking guy. You glance at him. He glances at you. And voila! the start of a beautiful relationship…or not, but let’s not go there.


Hip circles, people. HIP. CIRCLES. Thank you…thank you very much.

Apply make-up

This way you’ll get to sleep 20 minutes longer. Yeaaay. Alternatively, just don’t wear make-up. Give up on the outside like you have on the inside.


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