EU Plans to Have Speed Limiters on All New Cars by 2022

What does Automology’s resident Brit, MAC, think of the EU’s new move? 

Until now, this very British writer was very much a pro-Europe Remainer. But that has changed as soon as I learnt that the EU, in all of its infinite wisdom, will mandate for all new cars to be fitted with speed limiters as of 2022. Now, and as far as I am concerned, Europe can go get stuffed!

In a sweeping review of safety features that are due to be implemented by 2022, the EU will mandate that no-one will ever again be allowed to enjoy the freedom of the open road. And if limiting your speed is not enough for the Euro Nanny’s, there will also be automated braking systems and electronic data recorders. What next? A device to ensure you are wearing clean underpants?

Don’t try to go any faster…Big Brother is watching you!


Road Safety Nanny’s, sorry campaigners, describe the move as one of the biggest leaps forward for road safety in the past 50 years and that it could save up to 37,000 lives a year by 2037. Now, as far as I can ascertain, in 2017 some 337 lives were lost on the British roads due to speeding. Sure, the UK does have the safest roads in Europe but the numbers must mean there is absolute carnage on the roads in some other European nations.


The package of Nanny measures are still to be ratified by the European Parliament and that is likely to happen in September of this year. Assuming that the Brexit process has finished by then and the UK is no longer a part of the United States of Europe, the rules will still impact the UK as the Vehicle Certification Agency has already said that regardless, it will mirror safety standards of the EU.

It is not clear how the new systems would work but it is likely that the Intelligent Speed Assist or ISA will be based on GPS data and sign recognition cameras; the systems will detect speed limits and thereafter limit the speed of the vehicle if the driver is exceeding the limit. With obligatory lane departure warning systems and automated braking, we are sure getting to the point where we may just as well take the train.

Of course, Volvo has already announced that it would be installing speed restrictors in all of its new models starting next year. This, though, is not because Volvo drivers are bad drivers and go around killing pedestrians in disproportionate numbers, but more to do with the fact that the other safety features on their cars don’t work very well much above 180kph. Besides, the Volvo limit is set above just about every European national speed limit, with the exception of the German Autobahns where there is no speed limit.

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