You’ll Never Guess What Toyota May Put Into Its Cars Soon

Automologist MAC isn’t too sure about this car feature…especially when his kids are in the car too. 

Future Toyotas may pack an unpleasant surprise for would-be car thieves. Apparently, last summer, Toyota filed a patent for a personalised fragrance dispenser system that was published online last week.

The new system at first glance seems pretty straightforward. When the car recognises an occupant as an authorised user, it can spray their favourite scent. Seems like a good idea albeit somewhat unnecessary.

However, and here is the twist, if the car gets broken into, the new system can dispense a waft of tear gas. Of course, there are already some cars with personalised fragrance systems but this new Toyota system seems to be the first to weaponise one.


The new patent would be paired to a smartphone and would be able to detect when you are approaching the vehicle, thus enabling it to spray the scent before you get in. The system also detects when you have left the vehicle and would be able to deodorise the car as well—handy, if you have a flatulence problem.


I’m pretty sure that this system will become available in Toyotas pretty soon. After all, what more pleasant way to take some of the stress out of your daily commute than being engulfed in your own personalised aroma.

On the other hand, I do not expect them to load a canister of tear gas into your car’s ventilation system anytime soon. After all, a weaponised car that we use to convey our loved ones from A to B may be a little tough to sell. There are also, of course, the issue of liability should the system deploy in error.

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