X-1R Used By Over 500,000 Cars in the Philippines. Here’s Why…

For over 24 years, our sponsor X-1R’s products have been used by NASA, one of the world’s leading engineering organisation. Like many inventions intended for space exploration, X-1R has found its way into everyday products to make our ordinary daily commute a little bit better. And this is nowhere more apparent than in the Philippines.

During the Christmas Party and Appreciation Night organised by CreativeSparx, Inc (CSI), X-1R’s Philippine distributor, for its dealers, partners, customers and stakeholders,X-1R Country Manager, Harold Ledda, observed: “X-1R products have become an integral part of the life and business of the service and parts department of almost all car dealers all over the Philippines.”

From left: Harold Ledda, General Manager, X-1R Global, Ltd.; Fred Jose, SVP HARI, Raymond Co.; Nigel Mckenzie, Global CEO, X-1R Global Ltd; Brixton Aw, CreativeSparx, Inc.; President, Jeff Ketchledge, VP, X-1R Corp, USA and Terry Craig, President, X-1R Corp USA.

X-1R Engine Performance Products are the only lubricants and fuel additives in the world to have been Certified Space Technology and awarded the NASA Space Foundation Hall of Fame Award. In the Philippines, X-1R’s range of products—particularly the X-1R Engine Treatment, X-1R Petrol Treatment, X-1R Diesel Treatment, X-1R Automatic Transmission Treatment, X-1R CVT Treatment and X-1R Engine Flush—are found in about 80% of all franchised car dealerships nationwide.


Nissan Philippines, Inc., Chevrolet Philippines (TCCI), Hyundai Asia Resources and Peugeot Philippines have accredited and endorsed X-1R products to be used in their dealer networks. Additionally, franchised dealers of Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford, Isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru, Mazda, Kia and Foton have been offering these products to their car-service customers. Customer satisfaction level of car-service customers using X-1R across all car brands has been phenomenal, resulting in regular usage of the products in their cars.

Why are car owners, particularly in the Philippines, so pleased with X-1R products? It is because they experienced reduced fuel consumption by some 10 to 15%, and improvements to their car engine performance and extension of their engine and parts’ life. And here is yet another feather in the cap for X-1R: its product can reduce up to 85% of the vehicle’s harmful emissions; the use of X-1R products by over 500,000 cars in the Philippines these days have likely contributed to massively improving the air in the otherwise very polluted Metro Manila and other urban centres in the Philippines.

During the Christmas Party, CSI bagged again the coveted X-1R Asia Pacific Distributor of the Year Award for 2018. This is the 5th consecutive year that CSI has received this award, besting 39 other countries in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and African region. Congrats, CSI, and congrats Philippines for making good choices.

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