X-1R Supports Grupo Toyota Philippines

Grupo Toyota Event Arch and Mr. Robert Tan’s Toyota Yaris Race Car in the middle.

Grupo Toyota is a unique car club of Toyota enthusiasts. Its members meet quarterly for different activities like Super Sprint Clinics, Mini-races, Industry Updates, Repairs and Maintenance Clinics and Family Fellowships. Its 3rd Quarter 2022 Meeting held this September was partly sponsored by X-1R Performance Products.

The event took place at the 5th level parking of Met Live Complex in Pasay City, with around 500 people in attendance. The venue was jam-packed with 365 Toyota cars ranging from the oldest to the latest models of Toyota Corolla, Vios, Yaris, Wigo, Raize, Avanza and even 4×4 Hilux and Forerunners.

X-1R PH Marketing coordinator, Kathleen de Guzman, with Grupo Toyota Heads, Jill and Robert Tan. (Photo: Joji Sasaki Photography)

Toyota Motor Philippines and Toyota Manila Bay were active participants of the event, giving away free maintenance services to qualified Toyota units as part of their new Service Campaign. X-1R Engine Treatment, X-1R Petrol and Diesel Decarbonisers or X-1R Transmission Treatments were offered free too to the qualifiers in support of the service campaign.

In line with this, they have also unveiled their newest INFLATABLE ARCH as one of their projects aimed at bringing the spirit of doing in-person events again as we all go back to normalcy of life otherwise disrupted by the COVID pandemic.

X-1R, being one of the oldest buddies and sponsors of Grupo Toyota, gave away prizes and gifts to the members. All were filled with enthusiasm as they participated in the games and raffle draws facilitated by Robert Tan.

Grupo Toyota members with X-1R giveaways and product prizes. (Photo: Joji Sasaki Photography)

If you want X-1R products delivered to your doorstep or want to enquire further, please call or text +63 956 809 5284, chat at www.facebook.com/X1R Philippines or visit x1rasia.com.

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