X-1R PHILIPPINES Partners with The Kindness and Creativity Caravan (TKCC) to provide PPEs to COVID-19 Frontliners

Automologist HAROLD shares with us how our sponsor, X-1R, is helping out in the Philippines and how you can too. 

Today, there is no place on earth where Coronavirus is not known. This scary virus is killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with no vaccine nor proven cure to overcome the disease. The consequent quarantine adopted by countries to control the disease has now threatened the viability of many business institutions and will definitely result in joblessness on a massive scale globally. A “new normal” will emerge in which hygiene, social distancing, mask-wearing, immediate isolation of employees and housemates displaying symptoms, and community cleanliness will become mandatory.

But in these present realities, we have to do whatever little we can to help alleviate the impact of this pandemic. Hence, X-1R Global Ltd. and its exclusive Philippine distributor, CreativeSparx, Inc., have joined forces with a non-profit organization, The Kindness and Creativity Caravan (TKCC), to launch small fund-raising initiatives: “Let’s Keep Giving” and “The Hunger Games Feeding Program” together with Philcare Pharma.

“Let’s Keep Giving” aims to provide Personal Protective Equipment for our brave medical front liners to ensure their safety as they battle the COVID-19 pandemic in their respective hospitals while “The Hunger Games” Oplan Gulay Caravan aims to donate 2-kilo bag of veggies, each costing Php 150.00 (USD 3), to the poorest of the poor.

This present crisis has reinforced the need for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ie. companies being socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders and the public. Presently, we hear of thousands of companies voluntarily doling out hundreds of millions in donations to hospitals for ventilators, PPEs, N95 masks and other medical needs, and food packs and relief packages for the poor and daily wage earners who have no means to feed themselves during these trying times. Some companies do their CSR through partnering with charitable and non-profit institutions and some do it by themselves, searching for people and places to visit and offering them help.

In case you feel like contributing personally or channelling your CSR budget via TKCC, simply click this link to donate: https://tkcc547826.typeform.com/to/EfG45u

Together we can fight and end this crisis. This too shall pass.


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