X-1R Philippines Launches Revolutionary Motorbike Formula

Finally, after a long wait, the Philippine motorbike industry has a new revolutionary product manufactured by the global automotive additive company and NASA Hall of Fame Awardee for Performance Lubrication, X-1R. 

Due to their popularity, X-1R products have been made available in the franchised car distribution and dealership networks nationwide, and has become the No.1 value-adding product in the Philippine automotive industry. But the motorcycle industry, the fastest growing sector of the automotive industry since COVID changed the world in 2020, had yet to benefit fully from what X-1R could do for engines…until now.

A revolutionary product, the X-1R Motorcycle Formula, is the newest embodiment of X-1R’s mantra: “The Appliance of Science”. Truly, all X-1R products are produced from the rigors of scientific research, multiple global testings and excellent manufacturing standards second to none.

We dare say that the revolutionary X-1R Motorbike Formula has features no other brand can match:

-15% Increase in Power, So You Can Drive Faster-

Dyno testing showed a 15% increase in power. So, if speed matters to you, here is the product for you! X-1R has a proprietary ingredient that reduces friction and improves dramatically the engine’s operating performance!

-10-15% Reduction in Fuel Consumption-

Various tests conducted on the product demonstrated between 10%-15% fuel savings. Given the almost unstoppable increase in gas prices in the last many months, this is a major benefit you would like. Most motorbikers spend about P3,000-5,000 per month on gasoline these days—a 10% savings is about P500, which is about 5 times the cost of the X-1R Motorbike formula. In short, you have a 1:5 Cost to Benefit Ratio. For every 1 Peso you spend on X-1R, you get 5 Pesos in return. Amazing, isn’t it?

-Fewer Breakdowns & Repairs Costs-

X-1R is proven to reduce wear and tear by at least 60% in various related researches, so the use of its Motorbike Formula will surely lower incidences of breakdowns and thus, reduce repairs costs. In this present environment in which inflation is looking uncontrollable, cost reduction is a must.

The product will be officially launched on July 6, 2023 at 3pm at the Norte by Arca Yard, 286 MacArthur Highway, Marulas, Valenzuela City. The event will be graced by the presence of X-1R Global CEO, Nigel D. Mckenzie, and a host of Filipino motorbike club presidents, owners of motorbike product distributors, media personalities and motorbike enthusiasts.

For more information about our X-1R Motorbike Formula, please call or text us at 0956 809 5284 or visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/X1RPhilippines or visit our website: www.x1rasia.com.

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