X-1R Makes Its Way To West Africa

When a product is good, it has a special ability to be spread by word of mouth, more so in this internet decade; X-1R is an excellent example of this.

X-1R goes to Africa! image: wikimedia.org

X-1R receives numerous enquiries from all over the world, which has opened up the door for entry into West Africa, consisting of 16 countries. X-1R is making an early entrance through Nigeria via an organisation which is the top supplier, installer and service provider in industrial generators and equipment. The organisation has plans to venture into the after-service auto industry at the same time.

In 2012, vehicle per capita for Nigeria is only 31 cars per 1000 people as compared to 393 cars per 1000 people in Malaysia. However, we have to remember that Nigeria’s population is nearly 6 times that of Malaysia’s population; the total number of cars in Nigeria is definitely substantial.

The Nigerian government’s plan for locally manufactured cars by 2017 could possibly not be realised due to the low import duty that keeps encouraging car importation. There are many secondhand cars being imported to Nigeria; many on-the-road cars are old vehicles as well, backed by the lack of skilled auto mechanics as well as the partial removal of fuel subsidy by the government. Car owners are crying for a solution that will provide a smoother, cooler, faster and more efficient driving experience. X-1R fits perfectly in such an environment to provide quality of life and consumer satisfaction.

Having achieved success in a country like Laos which, on top of having less cars, has a GDP that is 13 times less and economy of freedom 92% less than Nigeria, X-1R Global Sdn Bhd foresees that the business will perform acceptably well in Nigeria, if business activities proceed as it should. Challenges cannot be avoided in any business venture, but it can take us nearer to success.

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