X-1R makes 2,000KM Drive a breeze

The Songkran Drive organised by the BMW Society Malaysia (BSM) in April was an almost 2,000-kilometre from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket and then back again. A long distance trip really tests the car, and a small problem could be amplified into a big one, and a car acting up in the middle of nowhere, far from your favourite mechanic, in a foreign country, is exactly as it sounds – AWFUL.

Our sponsor, X-1R, was more than happy to sponsor the “vitamins” for the cars, confident that their products would bring about noticeable improvement to the vehicles and perhaps even preclude problems and breakdowns. The 15 cars – of BMW, Audi and Volkswagen make – were treated to X-1R Engine Treatment during the service interval prior to the drive. Throughout the drive, they were given X-1R Octane Booster to add to the fuel tank – both petrol and diesel – each time they filled it up. The drive that started on the 14th of April took the convoy on small roads and highways, and through towns, which presented a variety of challenges for drivers and opportunities to push their cars to the limit.

Drivers quickly noticed that their car engines performed smoother and quieter. The Audi’s with turbo – particularly the A5 and Q5 – reported experiencing less engine vibration during acceleration. There were some pretty hard driving throughout, and the engines were pushed hard for long durations. Interestingly, the drivers noticed that the engine temperature – which would have risen past 100°C when driven like this – did not surpass 90°C, and they were quite sure that all the improvements they were experiencing were thanks to the Engine Treatment.

After the first leg of the trip, the drivers even noticed a marked improvement on their cars’ fuel consumption. The BMW’s, which could usually go for around 500 kilometres on a full tank, with a combination of city/town and highway driving, went another further 50 kilometres before having to stop for fuel – that’s a fuel economy improvement of around 10%. The smaller VW Scirocco had it even better – from 450 kilometres on each tank, it could stretch to 500 kilometres between pumps.

Not forgetting, of course, that the drivers had been “feeding” their fuel tanks the octane booster, and both diesel and petrol car drivers noticed an improvement in engine performance. One diesel car driver reported feeling the car having more torque, especially during acceleration and overtaking, but the petrol-powered car engines reached maximum output faster. Another driver said that his car felt “lighter” and the engine “more powerful”.

So, the contingent made it to Phuket safely and then back again to Kuala Lumpur in the early hours of the 19th, and our sponsor once again proved, in the real world, that their products deliver as promised, if not more. Of course, you don’t have to drive thousands of kilometres before needing some of these car vitamins – whether you’re an athlete or a sedentary automotive writer who spends his/her working hours in front of a laptop, a bit of care from the inside will have you functioning a whole let better.

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