X-1R Launches the CVT Premium Treatment


Our sponsors, X-1R, have long been in the business of ensuring your car stays in perfect condition. With a range of products that caters to all types of vehicles, its space technology-driven products have been at the forefront of consumers’ minds when it comes to protection of your vehicle.

The latest product to join its premium range is the CVT Premium Treatment, specifically crafted for CVT transmissions. The concept of a CVT transmission has been around for a long time, actually. Leonardo Da Vinci first came up with the idea way back in 1490 and it has since evolved; today, a host of auto-manufacturers have this transmission in their vehicles.

Here’s a video to better understand how a CVT transmission works and how X-1R’s CVT Treatment can get rid of your worries:

As you’ve seen in the video, CVT transmissions come with the promise of:

  • Better fuel consumption;
  • Smoother acceleration;
  • Flexible suspension system;
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Ability to adapt to varying road conditions and power demands;
  • Cheaper to maintain.

And the problems you WILL encounter are:

  • Slipping;
  • Whining;
  • Smelling;
  • Leaking;
  • Shuddering.

To prevent this from happening and to ensure a pleasant ride, X-1R has painstakingly created a formula after extensive research: the X-1R CVT Treatment. With a track record of creating products for a technological and engineering giant such as NASA, the new CVT Treatment will keep your transmission running smoother and longer.

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After all, driving is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. This product brings back that joy.

For more information on the CVT Premium Treatment, click here.

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