X-1R “Hari Raya” Contest: Name the Song & Win CASH!

The month of Ramadan has begun, the month-long period of fasting prior to the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, also known in Automology’s neck of the woods—ie. Malaysia—as Hari Raya. Meanwhile, festive decorations are going up and, everywhere, Hari Raya music has begun to fill the air.

If you’re a fellow Malaysian (or permanent resident) and think that you know your Raya songs—because most of us have grown up listening to them—then you’re in luck. Our sponsor, X-1R, will be hosting a month-long contest that will win you some extra duit raya (translation: CASH). It’s simple: name the Raya song of the week and its singer.

Sounds easy, and it is. But not without a small challenge.



You’ll have to listen very, very carefully because the Raya song is drowned by the revving of a supercar’s engine. If you can separate song from sound of engine, and follow through a few more steps, you will stand a chance to win RM500! (Approx. US$125.)

Here’s all you have to do: –

  1. Visit the contest posting on X-1R’s Facebook (Here you go: X-1R Hari Raya Contest)
  2. Guess the name of the song and singer.
  3. ‘Share’ the post and tag five friends. Include the hastag: #elix1r
  4. Make sure your shared post is public so that the contest organisers can confirm that you have completed the steps.
  5. Like the X-1R Facebook Page to find out if you have won!

This week’s contest ends on 22 May 2018. And because we love our readers, here’s a hint:




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