X-1R Go-kart Enduro, A Race To Remember!

Last Sunday, the X-1R Go-kart Enduro Inter Car Clubs Challenge Series 1 pitted 15 car clubs against each other and set everyone’s heart racing in excitement. The weather over Sepang was perfect for some fast paced go-kart racing. The mood was vibrant, but competitive spirits were even higher.

30 teams took part from 15 car clubs; they were:

  • Civic FD Club
  • Lancer Car Club
  • Lotus Car Club
  • Alfa Romeo Car Club
  • The Persona Club
  • Volkswagen Car Club
  • Putrajaya Holding
  • My Naza Kia Club
  • Next Stage Garage
  • Riyoz Racing Team
  • Meru Garage
  • Banana Motorsport
  • Loco Racing
  • Citra Club Malaysia
  • Guns Motorsport


Ready… Get set…Go!
Finally, the race began at about 10am. The 30 teams split equally into 2 heats, with qualifying rounds preceding each.


The real fun began after that with the Xtreme Individual Race round. Our celebrity guests jumped into their go-karts too and sped around the racing track like real champs. The one to win the race was of course Tengku Djan, the drifting king. And yet…he came in second last! He experienced some technical issues with his kart, but like a true champion, he chugged along until he crossed finish line.



More photos click here : Part 1 Part 2 | Part 3 

Series 2 will take place in November 2013. For further information, get in touch with: Afham md zin ([email protected]) or Amir Roshman ([email protected])
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