X-1R Get 5 Star Review Online

The great thing about online shopping now is that you get to read reviews by other buyers before making a decision. We don’t know about you, but for us in Malaysia, most purchases are non-refundable and even if they are, often come with a long list of stipulations; or return shipping to sellers is often too expensive for us to bother. So, it’s really important for us to know what we are getting before we key in our credit card details. Heck, even when we are shopping in the store, it’s easy whip out our phones and ask the all-knowing Google if the product we are pondering is any good. It’s good to be a consumer in the age of mobile connectivity.

Well, our sponsor, X-1R, has recently gotten onto an international e-commerce platform (you might have heard of it – a wee company called ‘Amazon’?) and has been receiving rave reviews of their products. Why aren’t we surprised? We have been raving about them for a long time, and not just because they are our sponsors; because their products have been tried and tested, and have been used by none other than NASA for the past 21 years; yes, the most advanced engineering organisation in existence, that has sent astronauts to the moon and is sending people to Mars in another 15 to 20 years time, uses X-1R. If you can’t believe NASA in matters such as this, who canyou believe?

Here’s what recent online reviewers said about the X-1R Diesel Treatment on Amazon:


The Diesel Treatment restores the vehicle to pristine condition by cleaning the fuel delivery system and combustion chamber, and has functions that include Injector Cleaner, Power Booster, Valve Protector, Upper Cylinder Lubricant, Carbon Eliminator, Moisture Eliminator and Fuel Stabiliser. Hence, the increased engine power and 12% fuel savings that Gaurav experienced with his Honda Accent during his holiday. Purchasers of the X-1R Petrol Treatment also rated the product highly:

It appears like X-1R has a new avid fan in Gaurav, for he even tried out the Engine Treatment, one of X-1R’s best selling products:

Yes, Gaurav, not only NASA uses it, even race car drivers are using it to their advantage and millions of motorists across the USA have discovered its benefits. It enhances performances, reduces wear and improves fuel efficiency – such wonders are contained in an affordable bottle of liquid treatment.

The internet is used nowadays as a sort of self-validation tool, and we must admit that it is nice to know that our enthusiasm and faith in X-1R products are not just in our heads. Even the online world is catching on and agreeing with us. Congratulations, X-1R. We already knew you had the right stuff.

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