X-1R Engine Treatment provides unrivaled friction protection and a minimal of 10% improvement in fuel efficiency. Just pour one bottle into your engine oil and you’ll experience increased engine power right away! It keeps your machine running smoother and cooler, while reducing the unavoidable wear and tear.

This April 2016, X-1R is excited to launch a FREE GIVEAWAY promotion. With every purchase of the X-1R Engine Treatment, you’ll get a FREE X-1R Petrol Treatment which provides a multitude of benefits and improvements to your vehicle.

How? Log on to http://www.fasmoto.com/x-1r/x-1r-free-giveaway-promo and just key in the promo code “X1R21” upon checkout to entitle yourself to the super exciting promo! It’s so simple!

So quick, get yours now before the promo ends on 30 April!

About X-1R

X-1R is the world’s leading engine additive and the only lubricant company to be inducted into the Space Foundation/NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame; no other lubricant technology has been exclusively accredited as “Certified Space Technology”. X-1R’s Engine Treatment, the cornerstone to X-1R’s product offering, was designed specifically to reduce friction and wear.Based on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers 1995 report, in a range of driving conditions typical for an average motorist, significant fuel economy improvement of 7% – 10% could be achieved with the addition of X-1R Engine Treatment.
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