Would You Sail in a Replica of the Titanic?

Admit it—the moment you saw “Titanic” in the title, the movie’s theme song started playing in your head. And the rest of the song will continue as an earworm as you continue reading this article…

So, if you have not heard of the Australian businessman who is now building an exact working replica of the Titanic, we can tell you it is not fiction. Clive Palmer, who is also a politician (figures), first mooted the idea in 2012, a century after the original was involved in a hit-and-sink with an iceberg. Three years later, the project was halted due to financial disputes with the government of China. But, hurrah, the project is now underway again and perhaps there is a chance for you to meet your Jack or Rose aboard the ship, and it won’t end so tragically.

Titanic II will have the same cabin layouts, interiors and spaces as the original vessel: including a ballroom, Turkish baths and, yes, that Grand Staircase that Rose walked down, a vision of beauty, her eyes locked with Jack awaiting her below. (Ok ok, enough with the movie references.)

Hmm. The gym could do with some updating.

There will be 835 cabins to accommodate the 2,435 passengers, who will be travelling with first-, second- and third-class tickets, just like onboard the real Titanic. And to answer the question on all our readers’ minds: YES, THERE WILL BE ENOUGH LIFEBOATS—18 fully enclosed motor-driven lifeboats, each with a 250-person capacity.

The Equanimity Could Be the MOST EXPENSIVE Superyacht to be Sold at Auction.


Titanic II’s ‘unsinkability’ (aka safety) will be enhanced with a welded instead of riveted hull, as well as modern navigation and radar equipment. But as someone on social media pointed out, there is no need to worry about icebergs because they have all melted. Opps.

Okay, now back away from the grim subject of climate change. How about we watch a video detailing the vessel’s specs:

When completed, the new vessel will retrace the original route from Southampton to New York, and also to other parts of the world to be shown off. The maiden voyage, however, is scheduled for 2022 and will cruise from Dubai to New York.

If you had the opportunity to sail on the new and improved Titanic, which, we must repeat, HAS ENOUGH LIFEBOATS, would you say:

1) Take all my money and give me a ticket!

2) No thanks, I’d rather not tempt fate.


May you enjoy the rest of your day with Celine Dion belting “NEEEAAAR, FAAAR, WHEREEEVER YOU AAARE!” in your head.

  • Elaine
    October 26, 2018 - 11:29 am

    Yes, please! With period costumes as well.

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