Would You Buy This “Magic Car”?

A unique car is for sale on one of the Russian classifieds websites. The story goes that the car was custom-made for a famous rich person.

The car was named “Amulet” as the owner thought it had magic power to protect him. Well, he was wrong. He died three months before the car was delivered to him.

Maybe it was because the car is actually just a Toyota Crown, but so heavily modified that you can’t recognise it anymore.


The whole outer body is covered in Canadian buffalo leather and inside is upholstered in Siberian weasel leather. Sable fur—supposedly the most expensive fur in the world—is used to trim the seats.

All the knobs are also said to be made from ivory

The price tag is 13.8 million rubles which is roughly US$210,000 or RM900,000.

BUT…would you buy this car even if you could afford it?

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