Worst, Weirdest and Kinda Cool Myvi Modifications

With over a million Myvis ever made, Malaysia’s favourite car has been put through a gamut of modifications. Here are some of the most notable ones. Have seen any of them on the road?

1. Lambordua Myventador


Twitter user, @fienaznana, recently shared a video of an “uncle” at the petrol station, who obligingly showed how his modified Myvi’s door opens. Unnecessary, sure, but look at how proud he is. Tweetdom approved and one user dubbed the car the Lambordua Myventador (geddit? geddit?).

Scissor doors are apparently a favourite mod among Myvi owners:

Image source: Low Yat

2.  Lover of Dragons

Strange and ineffective spoiler, protruding side “gills” and iridescent paint job. Maybe the owner is a fan of the Hobbit or Game of Thrones?

Image source: via modificationofcarandmotorcycle.blogspot.com

3. What is it?

We think hiding under the…er…Thundercat(???) themed body kit is a Myvi. It belongs to a member of a Malaysian car club and some of their mods are quite extreme:








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You like?


4. Pump It Up


The rear door of this modded Myvi lifts to reveal a complete audio speaker system, so you can start a rave anytime, anywhere. Okay, maybe not in a residential neighbourhood nor after midnight.

Image source: kereta.info

5. Speed Machine aka Deathtrap


Myvi owners think their car is a supercar—we’ve seen how they drive on the highway. One particular tuner, Qasmi Ali, explained how he was able to get the Myvi Advance 1.5 to go up to 220km/h, by installing the Haltech ECU Sprint 5000, a larger fuel injector, Eibach spring and 15-inch Enkei rims.

However, Qasmi himself stopped the mods halfway when he realised the car was not suitable for speed modifications. In his words: “Chasis vibrate dan hampir koyak.” (“The chassis vibrated and almost broke apart). He cautioned that the Myvi was not made to surpass speeds beyond 120km/h.


Image source: Low Yat
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