World’s Second Largest Quick Lube Chain Partners with X-1R in Service Centres Across the UAE

Petromin Express was established by parent company, Petromin, leading lubricants and automotive services company in Saudi Arabia, in direct response to the demand for genuine and efficient service in the Kingdom. It has very successfully become known as a quality provider of automotive service tailored to fit the customers’ requirements, through more than 700 outlets across the Middle East, with the vision of becoming the first choice for automotive services wherever they operate. This makes the chain the largest quick-lube provider outside of the USA.

The Petromin Express centres are staffed by expert mechanics, about 90% of them Filipinos, who are capable of undertaking a routine vehicle service to just about any car and all within 30 minutes.

What makes Petromin Express strategically ahead of its competitors are: the simplicity, yet well-thought-of design of the service floor, ensuring a really quick finish for a preventive maintenance job; a lean yet complete enough set of service equipment, tools and gadgets to service all ranges and brands of vehicles; excellently trained mechanics who can service and engage clients professionally; well-thought-of package of products and services—and starting recently, including X-1R products—being offered to clients; and a really excellent price-pointing, such that the customers feel they have a real value for money they paid. To achieve these, its business model is based on proper space and equipment optimisation, least “back-job” rate, lean and inexpensive yet well-designed structures of its service centres, proper location of its service centres and optimised staffing to avoid extra labour costs.

We are not surprised to hear that Petromin Express had partnered up with our sponsor, X-1R, and has become an official stockist for the range of performance lubricants, to help provide quality solutions for its customers. X-1R’s range of products is used by some of the world’s finest brands and, of course, those clever folks over at NASA.

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