Will the Subway Project Really Solve Metro Manila’s Traffic Mess?

Automologist HAROLD revisits the subject of this mega subway project in the Philippines…

Seven years ago, this Automologist wrote about the Mega Manila Subway Project when it was still at its ground-breaking stage. The article went viral, getting over 400,000 reactions and comments. About half agreed with me and the other half did not believe it was feasible and even ridiculed me.

The negativists—who had not really read about the underground transport technology of Japan, Hongkong and Europe—catastrophized that when Metro Manila floods, as it often does, all the passengers underground will be drowned. Sounds scary, right? But not true. I’ve never heard of the drowning of subway train passengers in Japan or Hong Kong. In fact, in Hong Kong, the subway goes under the sea!

Others questioned where the Philippines will get the money to build this. Yes, there was money from the Asian Development Bank and other Japanese Investors. I am sure they have done their financial homework and found it to be a very profitable venture.

Today, this 36-kilometer Mega Manila Subway (Underground) Project is about 40% completed. It will connect northern Metro Manila (Caloocan North) to the booming Dasmarinas City of Cavite Province, passing through the densely populated Metro Manila cities.

It is expected to solve about 30% of the Metro Manila traffic mayhem as it is projected to transport 1.5 million passengers per day, about one-third of Metro Manila commuters. This will reduce the average travel time of commuters by 75%, giving especially the commuting employees and workers a more productive day at work and quality time at home owing to shorter travel time.

Economically, this is very beneficial. As for personal economics, it will reduce transport cost per person, create higher take-home pay and make ends meet for most Filipinos who generally earn low average incomes. On a national scale, it will create a more productive workforce, increase business profitability and reduce consumption of imported fossil fuels.

This 60-year overdue subway project is now a reality. This is a clear pillar of Filipino success that will massively improve the social, economic and environmental fiber of the lives of Metro Manila residents. And to property owners, this is a great benefit to you as property values will skyrocket.

At the time of writing, this Automologist is in Japan enjoying the commuting comforts of one of the world’s most extensive railway systems. I can only dream of a Philippines with these sophisticated transport infrastructures!

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