Will Porsche Topple Tesla And Why Is That Even A Question?

Automologist MAC asks and answers the question. 

So here we have it. Porsche, the engineer behind some of the world’s most legendary petrol-powered sports cars, versus Tesla, the purveyor of electric cars with a bit of a dodgy reputation.

So why is this even a question? Well, this week saw the official launch of the much-teased Taycan, the first electric-powered Porsche (well, at least since 1901) and suddenly two of the more aspirational global brands are on a direct collision course. So, it is establishment versus new kid on the block and the real question is: will there be enough room for the both of them?


In many ways, Porsche has come to the party late but, with all of its history and brilliance, will be playing ‘catch-up’ with brand Tesla. Of course in an ideal world, it would just be the product that mattered and, by all reports, the Taycan is a really really good product. So, can they pry Teslanistas away? I am not sure that they are going to try—I really think that they are trying to appeal to a new generation of ‘old school’ buyers, even though they will want some of the tech-savvy Telsanistas as well.

Oliver Blume, Porsche’s CEO, is on record for admiring the way in which Elon Musk has built the Tesla business but denies that it was the target with the Taycan. Porsche has always maintained that it will build the best car in the class and when it dreamed about the Taycan, its goal was solely to build an all-electric car that drove like a 911.

Time will tell but for now, I would sorely like to test drive a Taycan…

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